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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 29, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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a judge blocks tomorrow's scheduled execution. we'll see what happens next. supply and demand. what you can expect to pay for a san francisco giants baseball ticket this weekend. it might surprise you, coming up in a live report. the race for the governor's mansion rolls after at the first
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debate. see where the race stands now, this wednesday, september 29th, "today in the bay." good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm brent cannon. the time is 5:01. we want to check in with jennifer hill and take a look at still a pretty warm day but we're headed to the cooler section now. >> yes, finally we're sliding down and getting some cooler air coming into the region. also some reports of low clouds. yes, some clouds are back and high clouds down around santa cruz. 69 degrees the forecast temperature in oakland, 75 in santa rosa. 83 in fairfield. instead of the 90s happening at noon, they'll happen at 4:00. 94 in livermore, 80 in san rafael. san francisco getting the cooldown early with a 68-degree temperature and 75 in santa cruz. coming up we'll take a look at the weekend outlook. >> that's a pretty big change
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temperaturewise. we have a change on the roadway not quite so significant but a rolling traffic break starting around the coliseum heading up through downtown and ending by about 23rd, maybe up towards broadway because they're picking up cone zones on the northbound side. southbound side construction likely to pick up the next half hour or so. a live look at the bay bridge. light volume and no problems. a clear view here but as jen said you will have fog and low clouds sprinkled throughout your commute. i'll let you know about that coming up in another report. some good news and bad news for giants fans this morning. the giants are now two games up in the nl west. the bad news, it's going to cost plenty to see their games the rest of the season. bob redell is live at at&t park with a lead-up to the playoffs. bob. >> reporter: brent, the san francisco giants is the only team fighting to get into the playoffs that uses what's called dynamic pricing for its tickets. so throughout the season the team will adjust its ticket prices based on supply and
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demand and the factors affecting that could be weather, the pitching matchups, the day of the week and the importance of the game. and with the giants' entrance to the playoffs resting on this weekend's showdown against the padres, you better believe ticket prices are up. let's take a look at some of the cheapest tickets in the park. the cheapest seats. those are generally left field upper deck. those were $5 at the start of the season. because of dynamic pricing, they jumped a buck to $6 at the start of september. and friday that same seat had more than tripled to a cost of $21. that being this friday's game. i was just on the giants website and there were no tickets available in that seating. not to say you couldn't find it elsewhere, let's say on stub hub. bloomberg news reports this type of pricing has increased revenue for the giants by 7% to 8% over the course of the season. the giants are now also filling up the stadium with roughly
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42,000 fans. that is near capacity. so if you're thinking about trying to get to the games this weekend, you want to buy your ticket sooner rather than later. by the way, the giants did win their game yesterday 5-2 over the diamondbacks. the padres lost theirs. both of those instances bode well for the giants this weekend as far as getting in good position to win the national league west title. reporting live here outside at&t park, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. by the way, the giants are home for what's left of the regular season. tonight and tomorrow they host the diamondbacks and then it's time for the big series, the padres coming to town for three games friday, saturday and sunday. right now the giants do lead, as i mentioned, over the padres two games so the nl west will likely come right down to that big series and be decided at at&t park this weekend. now to a race of a different kind. meg whitman will be back on the campaign trail in the bay area today. she's going to be speaking at
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cisco in san jose. jerry brown stedoesn't have any appearances on his schedule. voters got a good look at the candidates going head-to-head in their first debate. >> putting jerry brown negotiating with the labor unions is like putting count dracula in charge of the blood bank. >> the majority will get an immediate tax break from her key economic plan, which is to eliminate totally the california capital gains tax. >> both campaigns are declaring victory. polls show the race for governor right now is just too close to call. but it's what happened after the debate that's raising some eyebrows. >> mr. brown, could you just answer a few questions, please? >> jerry brown in an out of character move never stopped to answer questions. he did in passing comment it was exciting, the exchange, and turned to escape the crush of media. whitman agreed to a brief meeting with reporters saying
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she was delighted by how things went. if you're still undecided, don't worry, nbc bay area will host the final gubernatorial debate october 12th. our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. followed by the debate at 6:30 moderated by tom brokaw. we will have post-debate analysis at 7:30 and also stream the entire thing on convicted killer albert greenwood brown will be on death pro indefinitely. a federal judge cancelled tomorrow's execution. the judge blamed state attorney general jerry brown saying he wanted an execution date just a month after new rules and procedure went into effect. the judge says it would be unfair to brown and his attorneys not to give them more time to look into how the new process works and what their options are. a santa clara university law professor agrees that the case needs to be carefully reviewed. >> at some point we need to step back and say we are examining how the state is going to kill
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ear human being. and when we're doing that, we should want the people in the state should want the government to do that in a way that's appropriate, that's constitutional. >> governor schwarzenegger says he will ask a federal appeals court to lift the stay and allow the execution. there are new rules for smokers in the east bay. they won't be able to light up tobacco or medical marijuana in multi unit housing complexes in unincorporated contra costa county. supervisors voted 4-1 to adopt the rules. that means no smoking on balconies, patios, decks or car ports. it also gives landlords the right to evict someone after three violations. fema has rejected the state's request for millions of dollars in disaster aid for the san bruno pipeline gas explosion. the agency says state and local governments and pg&e which owns the ruptured pipeline should cover the cost of the recovery on their own. the state is expected to appeal that decision. san francisco police are on
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the hunt for a man accused of raping, beating and robbing a woman. this is the suspect, 25-year-old demere shalaco on the run and considered dangerous. he's 5'8", 170 pounds and has an ss tattoo under his right eye. the attack happened tuesday at a housing development on potrero hill. police are urging anyone with information to call san francisco police right away. bart riders may have an uncomfortable commute this morning. the air conditioning on several trains is not working. now, bart says riders can call for help if that happens. at the end of each bart train is an intercom and riders can let the train operator know when the air conditioning is not working. bart says there are technicians standing by to make repairs. about a third of the cars have air conditioning problems. there have also been several heat-related delays on bart recently. not fun being stuck in a stuffy, hot bart train. >> hopefully there are no delays
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at all. it's 5:08 and time to check the commute with mike. >> good morning, you guys. we'll get to the maps. can you hear me? >> yeah, we can hear you. >> we're having trouble hearing you so we're going straight to the forecast. >> because i have now have a different-looking mic. this morning temperatures are a little cooler. 66 in concord, 66 in livermore. they are a little cooler but definitely not cool, but compared to yesterday. 54 degrees in novato, 61 in san francisco. remember yesterday san francisco was in the 70s, so clearly we're getting more of an onshore flow and that's also going to help with our air quality. in the big picture high pressure set up here is dpbeginning to me off to the east and as it does we'll return to more of an onshore flow. also we've noticed chouds coming in along the area coast lines and higher clouds coming in from the south. there's even some talk we might
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hear some thunder around santa cruz or the monterey area. there is some moisture coming back into the atmosphere and that will help with our fire danger. you can see some of those high clouds coming into the southern valleys and also the southern coastline. we are having some reports of fog over the hills around san francisco and maybe some around the golden gate bridge. here's a look at our 4:00 temperatures. instead of triple digits out in fairfield and livermore, only in the 90s, which is still hot but an improvement. 68 in san francisco and 75 in oakland. we'll see high temperatures along the coastline early in the day and once the onshore flow comes in, things will cool down pretty rapidly and we'll get back to more of those cool evening breezes. that's the seven-day forecast. the high today 91 degrees. after that it's forecast highs in the 80s. along the coast we'll keep it right into the 60s. >> now we'll check in with mike. >> there he is. >> i want to let jen talk about that weather because it affects the commute as well.
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let's look at the golden gate bridge where we haven't seen this type of shot in the last week or so. we're looking at the fog and that is affecting the temperatures as well as your drive. visibility not so great here. along the coast you'll find good patches of fog. meanwhile the rest of your commute looking all right. in san francisco itself a new accident just record. the san francisco police department is heading to 6th and folsom where there's an injury accident just off interstate 80 approaching the skyway so you'll find the slowing just off of interstate 80 right by a bmw dealership so use 5th or 7th past the scene. back to you guys. >> thanks, mike. 5:11 right now. the 49ers got some hollywood star power at a fund-raiser. see who showed up coming up. and president obama has a new target, his own party. see why he's attacking it in an effort to try to help it at the same time. there are new developments in a terror plot discovered in europe. find out what investigators just said moments ago. sensitive skin runs in the family.
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welcome back, everybody. a live look at the shark tank. we'll be talking hockey coming up in just a little bit. meantime a reminder looking at the temperatures on the screen that it's still going to be fairly hot out there today. we'll check your traffic and forecast coming up in a bit. several european countries are on high alert after a terror plot is discovered. sources a al qaeda planned to attack spots in france, britain and the u.s. just moments ago european officials say the attack is still considered to be a threat. officials evacuated the eiffel tower for a short time last night. the attacks were supposed to be similar to ones that killed 126 people in mumbai, india. one investigator says that the
5:16 am
belief is that osama bin laden signed off on the attack plan. we'll have more on the arrests coming up in a live report at 5:40 this morning. the u.s. now says recent drone attacks in pakistan were aimed at disrupting the plot. the strikes were aimed at al qaeda and other militant groups near the afghan border. the u.s. has conducted at least 21 drone attacks this month alone. the most recent attack was yesterday when a missile strike killed four militants. classes will resume this morning after a man wearing a ski mask opened fire with an ak-47 assault rifle at the university of texas at austin tuesday. helicopters and armed cars surrounded the sixth floor of the library as administrators ordered a campus hawkdown. police moved in but found the gunman shot himself to death. he is identified as 19-year-old sophomore math major colton tuley. nobody else was hurt. >> the first suspect did commit suicide in the library building
5:17 am
earlier this morning. no shots were fired by any members of law enforcement. we have not identified or have found any injured. >> this is not the first shooting at the ut campus. in 1996 a student gunman perched on the campus clock tower killed 16 people. north korean leader kim jong il has anointed his youngest son as his successor. state media announced he had been promoted to four-star general and was made second in command of the ruling party. there have been concerns over kim jong il's health for about two years now when he reportedly suffered a stroke. south korea and japan are cautious about the new moves and china congratulated il on his re-election, however made no mention of his son. rescuers in mexico say they overestimated how many people are trapped in a mud slide.
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today it says 11 people are missing. yesterday it was estimated that up to 1,000 people were missing after a mud slide in oaxaca. heavy rains caused a hillside to collapse yesterday morning. officials did evacuate the town of about 9,000 people. it looks like the trapped miners in chile may actually be home for the holidays. the drill making the escape tunnels for the men just experienced a surge. leaders say they are twice as far as they expected to be. at this pace they could reach the miners in less than a week. earlier they thought it would take until christmas to reach those men. they have been trapped in the mine since august 5th. plagued by polls that predict republican victories in november, president obama is on the road trying to reenergize democrats with some political tough love. the president told "rolling stone" magazine that democrats sitting on their hands complaining are being irresponsible. while on the road in places like wisconsin, he is trying to rally
5:19 am
voters. >> i don't know about you, but i'm fired up. >> the president is telling democrats to ignore polls and pundits claiming that the party is apathetic. he is on a four-state swing to drum up support amid a faltering economy. a three-letter company getting treated like a four-letter word in some circles. >> reporter: can we say it on tv? >> minus the four-letter word. >> reporter: aig. the feds are trying to cut ties with aig. the obama administration this morning pressing to convert the government stake in aig to common stock. this according to "the new york times." so the treasury would then sell those shares to private investors. aig owes the fed about $46 billion for the bailout. well, star wars is coming back to the theaters again. this time in 3-d. san francisco-based lucas film accused yesterday it will
5:20 am
re-release all six "star wars" movies so they'll come out in order of the stories. so episode one will be out first sometime in 2012. now, they promise quality 3-d conversions, unlike "clash of the titans" and "last air bender." critics compared those to watching through toilet water. and the new tv season has its first casualty. something called "lone star." critics apparently loved the show of it was about a con man living two lives. the first week just four million people watched, even fewer watched this week so it is the first casualty, the first one to go as network executives try to figure out what works and what apparently doesn't. >> yeah, it's interesting. maybe they need to add some singing to it. that seems to be the hit thee days. even in these trying times, the 49ers getting some support from unlikely sources. >> one of things i like about the 49ers now is that if you
5:21 am
watch them on sunday, you're going to see 60 full minutes of people playing hard. >> that's actor matthew mcconaughey. he joined the 49ers in east palo alto for the youth academy. he had some fun with the kids teaching nutrition and fitness. he is working with the nfl as part of a national campaign. wish i headed out there. working with the kids and all. >> report on the niners and things like that. >> and also matthew mcconaughey might have helped save the earlier series but he can help any series. let's look at san francisco where there's some activity right now 6th street and folsom. an earlier accident reported there. this is an injury accident, ambulance headed to the scene, san francisco pd as well so some activity at folsom and 6th. use 5th or 7th on either side and you should stay clear of all the activity. i'll let you know if they have any effect on lanes but right now just activity in the area. also tonight the giants playing
5:22 am
their second of three games for their series so we're hoping for another win and rooting for another win but we'll know about congestion expected there after work. east shore freeway no problems right now and 580 coming through oakland a nice drive as well, close to the limit. 880 through this area right around 5th there was a sig alert late in the commute but that was caused by a truck with its brakes locked. this morning no problems with the nimitz so that northbound drive just starting to pick up in the volume so more cars hitting the roadway. between 5:30 and 6:00 is when we see a bump-up as far as the volume of traffic and speeds start to dip. right now moving smoothly to the peninsula side. we're looking right here at the san mateo bridge moving smoothly through the construction zone. that volume will pick up here as well. a clear view across the bridge but that's not the case for all. we have some fog in the area that's affecting your forecast. jen has that coming up in just a moment. some hollywood main stays taking a few days off.
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photographer alan wafel made it to livermore this morning where we're looking at one of those thermometers. 5:25 with 65 degrees. the inland areas are still really holding on to the heat this morning but thankfully
5:26 am
relief is going to come. first we'll feel it along the beaches and it will move inland. also this morning watch out for some low clouds around the bridge. we do see some fog and high clouds down to the south. those aren't really producing some rain but might hear some thunder this afternoon. that sea breeze coming in this afternoon will feel great and will continue with the cooldown through friday which will lead to a pretty good-looking weekend. morning temperatures 60 in fairfield, 60 in san francisco, 54 in santa cruz. so it is a cooler start but it's feeling a little better. at noon we're looking at temperatures in the 80s instead of the 90s like we've seen the last couple of days. our forecast highs are significantly cooler than yesterday, but still not where we'd like to be this time of year. normally we are in the upper 70s and lower 80s. as we look at the seven-day forecast, we don't quite get there but the weather will be nice. after our chilly summer, a nice fall is the least the weather could do for us. speaking of the weather, it got so hot in hollywood that
5:27 am
even super heroes couldn't take it. thermometers read 99 degrees along hollywood boulevard although other places saw temperatures as high as 113 so tourists may have been a little disappointed when guys like spider-man and other costume characters who usually stroll the boulevard posing for pictures for money took the day off. catwoman did make a brief appearance reportedly, but even she admitted that her leather suit was especially uncomfortable in the heat. 5:27 right now. the giants ticket pricing system makes being a fan a lot more expensive. you'll see how prices compare to the beginning of the year coming up. and some bay area day cares will close for one day. we'll see what's behind that coming up. it will be hot outside again today and it could get even hotter on bart trains. find out what to do about it next in a live report. te. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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an execution is on hold this morning. see why a judge decided to stop it for now. this heat wave is turning bart trains into toaster ovens. i'm christie smith. we'll tell you who you should call to get it fixed. that story straight ahead on "today in the bay." good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. this is "today in the bay." it's 5:30 and it's been hot. we start with meteorologist jennifer hill. a drop in the temperatures today? >> yes, today is the day when things finally begin to cool down in earnest. our temperatures this morning are better than we've seen in a
5:31 am
while, still above average. take a look at our 12:00, our noon temperatures. at lunchtime only in the 80s and 60s and 70s instead of up into the 90s. coming up we'll take a look at the end of the week forecast and a pretty good-looking weekend. also watch out for the fog this morning. >> thanks, jennifer. we certainly could use the cooldown because this morning the commute may be sticky and uncomfortable for some. in fact some bart cars are like saunas. christie smith is live in oakland with what's causing those toaster oven-like conditions. not pleasant. good morning. >> reporter: there's a couple of things causing this but what bart is saying what you want to do is getting into a cooler car but before you do that, get on the intercom and let the bart operator know that the air conditioning is not functioning in the car that you're riding in. you want to get on those intercoms that are at the end of the trains and then also look up the car number and let the operator know which car that
5:32 am
you're riding in. it turns out about a third of bart's cars have air conditioning problems that become exaggerated when the temperatures get hot like they have been. there have been several heat-related delays recently, especially at the end of the bart lines furthest from the coast where it's been the hottest. bart says there's a couple of things going on. the heat creates a domino effect and it causes computers in the control room and control boxes along the tracks to malfunction. the system has about 30 or so control rooms and they were built many years ago. they were built with no air conditioning. they're getting old and they're starting to break down. it would cost millions of dollars to upgrade the system, so that's probably not going to happen any time soon. in the meantime, again, bart saying let the train operator know. that way at least they can get dispatch on the line and get a technician out there to fix the ac. they say on any given weekday they have five to seven technicians ready to go to make
5:33 am
the repair. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." hot weather is causing firefighters to shut down a big south bay park today. it will be closed because of extreme fire danger. by the way, it was closed yesterday too and it was a good thing because yesterday afternoon temperatures did hit 100 degrees. the humidity was low and there was some wind and that's not a good combination. pg&e is trying to make some moves to prevent another explosion like the one in san bruno. the utility is replacing a backup power system as its milpitas natural gas line facility. the system monitors the flow of natural gas in parts of the bay area. it's actually a big deal because there's some question about if the backup system in san francisco was the reason for the san bruno pipeline explosion. just hours prior to the disaster, the facility experienced a power outage and had to switch to the backup battery system. request denied. fema has rejected the state's request for millions of dollars in disaster aid for the san
5:34 am
bruno gas pipeline blast zone. it says that state and local governments and pg&e, which owns the ruptured pipeline, should be able to cover the cost of recovery. the state is expected to appeal that decision. meantime the death toll from that explosion has also climbed to eight. 58-year-old james franko died at san francisco hospital on monday. congress is considering legislation to beef up pipeline safety, including more inspectors to search for corrosion. convicted killer and rapist albert greenwood brown will be staying on death row indefinitely. a federal judge cancelled his execution scheduled for 9:00 tomorrow night. the judge says it would be unfair to execute brown because the attorney general rushed to set the date just a month after new lethal injection rules went into place. he argues more time is needed for attorneys to look at the new reg legs. governor schwarzenegger says he will ask a federal appeals court to lift the stay and allow the execution. voters got their first look
5:35 am
at the candidates for governor. meg whitman and jerry brown faced off in the first of three debates at uc davis. they outlined plans to create jobs and reform government spending. whitman says brown will have no negotiating power because unions are funding his campaign. brown says when it pitman will supporters back -- >> putting jerry brown negotiating with the unions is like putting count dracula in charge of the blood bank. >> the majority will get an immediate tax break from her key economic plan which is to eliminate totally the california capital gains tax. >> after an hour, there was no real gotcha moment. both campaigns are declares victory this morning. polls show that the race for governor is still too close to call. hundreds of bay area parents will have to keep their kids at home or drop them off at alternative day care today
5:36 am
because of the state budget crisis. the state-funded nonprofit day care company kid dango is closing its 41 centers in the bay area today. the move is meant to call attention to the impact of the state budget delay. they are struggling to make ends meet after the state stopped paying subsidies this summer. parents, and teachers will rally at noon at the plaza in oakland. a group of hackers will release a very embarrassing list and scott mcgrew joins with us that. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. this group is mostly harmless rabble rousers on the internet but one of the members claims to have a list of people who have download id adult movies from a pirate site and he's released that list. these names have apparently been collected by an anti-piracy company which was trying to help the adult film industry fight illegal downloads but there's a list out there now. nintendo says its latest
5:37 am
creation, nintendo 3-d will not be available until after christmas. nintendo revealing how much trouble it's in. it used to have the top-selling wii. nintendo has seen sales fall mightily. the apple ipad have been big trouble for anyonintendo. they are two very, very different twiedevices but famil only have so much money to spend and a lot of them have been buying the ipad. the giants are a little closer to winning their division this morning. a san francisco win last night and a loss by the padres has dropped the magic number to four. on the hill for the giants tonight is tim lincecum. he takes on the diamondbacks
5:38 am
getting started at 7:15 at at&t park. now demand for tickets are going up and so are the prices. in some cases they have more than quadrupled. coming up in a few minutes, bob redell will take a look at why prices are on the rise in a live report. if the giants do make the playoffs, there's a good chance they'll face a familiar face in their old manager dusty baker. his cincinnati reds clinched their first playoff spot since 1995 last night. by the way, the yankees and tampa bay also clinched, so more and more teams around the league are beginning to clinch their division and getting ready for the playoffs to begin. very clever, that earlier celebrations. one of the players wearing goggles. antioch, highway 4 just like clockwork, right around 5:30 we see the sensors turn toward the 40s coming all the way over
5:39 am
toward horizon lane. typical slowdown westbound highway 4 out of antioch. clearing by the time you get to pittsburg and bay point but that will start to slow down in about an hour from now. walnut creek interchange, no major delays. 680 through concord, 24 and over toward the caldecott tunnel, close to the limit there. 680 south down towards 580 and the interchange, a nice drive. 580 itself no problems coming out of the altamont pass but the volume increasing down towards sunol. jen, we also see heat through these east bay hills. a lot yesterday. what's it like today? >> today is the day we finally start to cool things down and make it feel like fall almost. right now we have 62 degrees in fairfield, 66 in concord an 66 in livermore. yesterday in san francisco it was in the 70s. right now 61 degrees. san mateo was also in the 70s. now at 67 degrees this morning. what's the big difference? high pressure centered here will begin to move off to the east.
5:40 am
that will allow more of an onshore flow to come in. this morning, speaking of onshore flow, also some fog being reported around the golden gate bridge coming over the hills around the 280 area. and we'll slowly see that moving inland, probably to the inland areas by this evening and along area beaches you'll feel that in the afternoon. also some moisture down to the south coming our way as well and that's brought in high clouds. we're noticing that in the santa clara valley but they're not bringing any rain. here are the forecast highs for today. thankfully just in the 90s inland and the 60s for san francisco. still a bit hot in redwood city, santa cruz will benefit from the sea breeze as well. and here is your extended forecast. finally some temperatures that are nice. still a bit above average but not quite as ridiculous. time now 5:40. people looking for a good time say they are falling victim to a death ray. we'll see why things are hotter
5:41 am
than usual at a las vegas pool. and a woman shoots a 12-year-old boy but might not get charged. and we're finding out more about a planned terror attack. we'll show you how investigators discovered that plot. that's coming up next in a live report from washington.
5:42 am
our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us.
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leaves residue behind? finish jet dry rinse agent removes residue and dries dishes better than detergent alone two times better. for a brilliant shine every time. finish jet dry rinse agent. finish. the diamond standard. eight people are under arrest accused of plotting to blow up buildings across europe and there are new concerns that there could be new plots in the united states as well. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c., with more on the potential targets and how the terror ring was stopped. >> reporter: brent, fworng. we have new indication this morning indicating that a lot of that information that allowed authorities to uncover the plot came from a german citizen of afghan descent who after being
5:44 am
arrested or detained in kabul last summer started to talk, and talk a lot. here's what we know. apparently he and others had traveled from germany to the afghan-pakistani border to join an extremist group there that's linked to al qaeda. apparently based on what he told authorities, this is what they believe, that there are extremist groups working with al qaeda, trying to target buildings, banks, stock exchanges, other financial institutions in britain, france and germany, that they're trying to use people with western passports to do that. and that there would be a shooter involved that would cause mass casualties. according to an unnamed source, osama bin laden himself has signed off on that plan, trying to find simpler, more low-budget ways to attack targets in britain and the united states than the 9/11 attacks, which was quite a bit more complex. the man had attended a german
5:45 am
mosque, which has since been shut down, but it was a 9/11 meeting place. he was also said to be in the inner circle of mohammed atta, one of the 9/11 hijackers. lots of new information on that foiled terror plot. no word from u.s. authorities. the national intelligence director saying they will not comment on specific intelligence. live from washington, i'm tracie potts for "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot, tracie. new this morning, recovery in haiti is going very slowly and critics say it is partly america's fault. nearly nine months after the devastating earthquake, not a cent of the $1.5 billion the u.s. promised for rebuilding has arrived. the money is still tied up in washington. senators are not seeing eye to eye on the bill as a whole. while money for rebuilding has not arrived, the u.s. has sent $1.1 billion in post-quake
5:46 am
relief. an appeals court says federally funded stem cell research can continue. in august a judge stopped federal funding for stem cell research saying that it violated a congressional ban. yesterday an appeals court panel ruled that funding can continue while the case works its way through the system. government lawyers say dozens of research projects would be ruined if the ban continued. the panel also ordered the case on a fast track but did not set a timeline for the next hearing. it's 5:46, you're watching "today in the bay." >> we'll check traffic and weather coming up in just a moment. but first, giants fans are thrilled and shocked this morning. thrilled that the giants are two games up in the nl west. shocked at how much it will cost to see a game this season. bob redell is live at at&t park with a look at how much tickets are going to cost you. bob? >> reporter: brent, giants tickets are like shares of stock.
5:47 am
the team adjusts the price based on supply and demand. you can believe prices are up for this weekend's matchup against the san diego padres. take the field club seats behind home plate. at the start of the season, $68 a pop. $92 at the start of august. $130 a month later. if you want one of those seats for friday's game against the padres, $175. more than double what it was at the start of the season. the giants refer to this as dynamic pricing. i just checked with the giants website. the cheapest tickets for friday night's game, $27. that doesn't even get you a seat. that's just for a place to stand. reporting live outside at&t park, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. meanwhile the giants are home for what's left of the regular season. tonight and tomorrow they host the diamondbacks. then it's time for that big series. the padres come to town for three games friday, saturday and sunday. right now the giants lead the padres by just two games so it
5:48 am
is very likely that the nl west will be decided at at&t park this weekend. so it's an exciting time, but also why those prices are going up. as bob and brent were just telling you, we've got the giants game tonight and a lot of crowd expect efor that. you're going to watch that series with the padres later on but it will affect traffic tonight. we'll show you on the maps, there is an accident downtown san francisco so we'll follow that as well. 6th and folsom is the site of that earlier accident. no updates from the police department so i would just avoid that intersection for the time being although likely that is clearing up. we'll watch for any further activity. as the volume increases there, that giants game tonight and tomorrow there's a giants game as well so watch at&t park for a lot of excited fans. 101, i have report of a gravel
5:49 am
truck that is dropping gravel between the bridges. there was an earlier report saying there was gravel on the road so be careful. use 280 instead. the golden gate bridge, 101 here shows you another issue, fog for the morning commute. haven't seen that for a while. jen, this is going to cool things down as well as slow things down across the bridge. >> it does mean good news in terms of getting rid of all of this heat. temperatures are slightly cooler this morning than they were yesterday at this time. we're looking at 60s and 50s. 61 right now in san francisco. in terms of cooling down, it's going to last for a while, this is great. some high clouds are coming into our southern areas. strong sea breeze is expected this afternoon and a nice weekend looks like it is in store for us. this is a look at our 12:00 temperatures, our noon temperatures. 82 in concord, 83 in fairfield. remember the last couple of days these temperatures have been in the 90s. 64 at 12:00 in san francisco, 66 in santa cruz. we'll see those temperatures
5:50 am
cooling early along the coast, thanks to that strong sea breeze. then it will make its way inland for a pretty cool evening. if you're heading out to the game, you might want to bring a jacket with you because that sea breeze will cool things down and be just like you expect fall to be around here. a las vegas hotel is looking for ways to defeat a so-called death ray that is terrorizing pool partiers. look, it's all made out of glass. see the reflection there? it reflects the sun rays on to a 10 by 15 foot area, kind of like a magnifying glass. that moves throughout the day creating a hot zone wherever it goes. employees call it the death ray and one guest says that his head and legs burned within seconds and his plastic cup melted right in front of his eyes. they don't always know how hot it's going to get. the hotel is working on a way to handle it. the candidates for governor
5:51 am
of california squared off in their first debate. meg whitman and jerry brown tried to convince voters that their solutions would lead california to a better future. who won? christey smi is liie smith is lt voters are saying. >> reporter: voters here in oakland have some pretty strong opinions about who won but i think that's more who they liked going into it. people here in oakland much more familiar with jerry brown but a lot of them telling us they feel like meg whitman got some good points in. both candidates stuck to hard-hitting ideas in this hour-long debate going in on each other's perceived weaknesses. attorney general brown is quite familiar as the former mayor of oakland. he lit into whitman for proposing eliminating capital gains tax. the former ebay chief hit back saying putting him in charge of negotiations would be like putting count dracula in charge of the blood bank.
5:52 am
one-liners aside, here's how commuters scored it this morning. >> he's just too much of a socialist to be good for the state in the situation that we're in. >> i liked her conservation points about the water system in california. being a fisherman. >> reporter: you still prefer jerry? >> still prefer jerry. >> reporter: now, the debate was the first one of four over the next couple of weeks. the candidates are really close in the polls. it was a chance for one candidate to break away from the other but most think from what they saw that has not happened yet. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> i thought it was a pretty good showdown. developing news this morning, arguments over budgets in europe have turned violent. scott mcgrew is monitoring that situation in our newsroom. >> reporter: sure. good morning to you. european governments have cut back on retirement payment, schools, transportation, jobs, in order to get their financial
5:53 am
books in line, brent. that's extremely unpopular among citizens there. the pain in spain falls mainly on these people who scuffled with police as they protest cutbacks. in greece, a work stoppage. there are no trains or buses moving, even doctors staying at home, staying away from hospitals. many countries are in financial trouble but greece is among the worst hit. in ireland, the ire of a cement worker who crashed his cement truck through the front gates of the irish parliament was protesting a bank bailout. laura, nobody hurt there. as we see, some of the budget cuts that america has not even begun to experiment with, europeans not reacting well to them. >> thanks for the update, scott. it's 5:53 right now. a woman in his 70s is accused of shooting a 12-year-old boy, but prosecutors might not charge her. police say the boy was throwing bricks at the woman's chicago home when she shot him yesterday.
5:54 am
one brick went through her window. friends of the woman say the boy an his friends have been terrorizing the woman and she came to a breaking point. >> she talked to me friday. she said i've had enough. >> the boy is in the hospital in serious condition. the woman spent the night in police custody. police are looking into whether it was self-defense. the latest version of "law & order" arrives on the west coast tonight. "law & order los angeles" premieres at 10:00 p.m. skeet ohrich will be playing a. the scott of "law & order svu" will help kick it off tonight as well. jennifer love hewett will kick off the 12th season. the story will wrap up on "law &
5:55 am
order los angeles" so it starts at 9:00 and continues into 10:00 with the new episode. you can start even earlier with that watching the second episode of "undercovers." tonight they try to stop a kidnapping plot. that starts at 8:00 p.m. you can see it all right here on nbc bay area so get yourself a couple of bags of popcorn. a lot of people are gearing up for flu season thanks to a visit to a strip club. a club near orlando offered free vaccines yesterday. >> are you going for a flu shot or going for an eyeful? >> both. by wife is here so i've got to say the flu shot. >> it will be my first time ever going to this club and it's a free flu shot. >> you said the first time visiting this club. >> exactly. i'm going to leave it at that. >> yeah, honey, i'm just trying to get healthy. the club's manager estimates close to 100 people showed up
5:56 am
and got their shot. it was such a success the club plans to hold another one next month. lindsay lohan will not be there or anywhere else because she's back in rehab. she checked into an undisclosed drug treatment center in southern california. she's out on bail after violating her probation on a dui arrest. she recently spent 23 days in a treatment facility but she now says this time she's going to step up her efforts in that program. it is tough to overcome addiction. i think people are beginning to understand how difficult her problem is. >> and getting all played out. well, when is comes to the forecast things are going to cool down. are we really going to feel it? let's check in with jennifer. >> yes, finally we are going to feel it, especially this afternoon. you're already feeling it if you're crossing the golden gate bridge this morning with reports of fog. also fog right around 280 so it's a nice morning in terms of getting back to normal. the inland areas are still feeling the heat, though. high pressure, which has been parked in one spot, will shift
5:57 am
off to the east and that is what's going to allow our onshore flow. our natural air conditioning, if you will, to return. with that cool air coming in we'll feel it first along the area coasts and then feel it come inland. some high clouds, we might hear a little thunder this afternoon but don't expect any rain. here are the forecast highs. thankfully not in the triple digits, just in the 90s, 80s, 70s and 60s. and we're going to stay cool for a while in terms of not being in the triple digits. nice weather is in the forecast, guys. >> thanks a lot. the man who could soon change the way californians get around the state is in the bay area. where you can hear more about his plan sglm. and one of the bay area's biggest counties cracks down on people who are waiting to light up in their own home. some south bay students are getting a big boost this morning. we're going to tell you about the charter schools getting
5:58 am
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